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Title: Thanks
Post by: rjgjr on August 04, 2011, 04:24:08 pm
I couldn't find a reply area on the Celestial Calendar page so I'll place it here. I just wanted to thank Andy for his persistence in getting this page to us every month. I know I use it and I forward it to my Astronomy Club here on the Oregon Coast and they think it's great. So, thanks to Andy and Dave Mitzky.

Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: Big Dipper on August 05, 2011, 05:22:21 pm
Thanks Richard. I'm glad that you find Dave's calendar useful. As I said to Dave several years ago when I first approached him about reproducing his calendar on other astro forums, I think that the amount of detail that he includes is just about right. I'm not exactly sure as to how long he has been producing his calendar but I reckon it must be at least ten years or so and I know that alot of us amateur astronomers, myself included, find it very useful indeed. So thanks Dave.  :)

Sorry about the lack of a reply facility in the 'Events' section Richard. When Paul kindly set it up for me, we decided that sealing off the reply facility would mean that the respective threads for each month would remain in chronological order for ease of reference (normally on forums when a particular thread is updated with a new post, it automatically jumps to the 'top of the queue' of the respective section - e.g. the 'Events' section on our forum). This of course would result in the originally chronological listing of dates becoming jumbled up & hence more confusing to follow/refer to.