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Title: Comet of the year - C/2009 P1 Garradd
Post by: Roman White on July 11, 2011, 08:34:11 pm
It is already brighter than 9th magnitude, going to peak at +6m in February 2012, and still would be brighter than 10m till June 2012.
See details at Seiichi Yoshida's website

I have made my first comet observation this year...  :-[ well, this gonna be my 12th comet  ;)

July 8/9, 01:25 EET
20х90 bino, LM=11.8m
Comet altitude 40°, Sun altitude -15°, excellent transparency, moderate light pollution, ZNELM~5.7 (Bortle class 5/6)
   2009P1  2011 07 08.98  S  8.9 TJ  9.0B 5  20   2.7 s3            ICQ XX KOS05
Have seen 35 Pegasi (4.9m) both naked-eye and within the same FOV with the comet. Comet is an easy target with averted vision, however moderately faint with direct vision. Something stellar-alike was visible inside the coma.
Sketch to follow  :)