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Title: Solar Activity 15 Mar
Post by: brianb on March 15, 2010, 08:00:31 pm
Poor conditions again today, much thin high cloud (contrail derived - ugh) & also periods of mid level cloud cover. As the day wore on the high cloud thickened and the mid level cloud became more persistent. Observations were begun as soon as the sun cleared my neighbour's house in order to make the best of the conditions.

The chief interest is AR 1054 which remains large and active, though there are further signs of decay in the trailing part of the area & the minor outlying active patches seem to be dying.

2010 Mar 15, Solarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK21.

2010 Mar 15, WO FLT 110 @ f/21, Lunt B1200 CaK diagonal, DMK41.

2010 Mar 15, WO FLT 110 @ f/21, Baader solar film (ND5.0), DMK41.

The whole north western sector of the disc remains covered in filaments of varying size & shape, giving a "bruised" appearance:

2010 Mar 15, 0934 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK41 (2 frame mosaic). There is a full size version of this image  here. (

There is also interesting activity on the north east limb:

2010 Mar 15, 0912 UT. SOlarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK21.

Prominences are minor but there is an interesting group on the NNE limb:

2010 Mar 15, 0919 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK21.

Finally the CaK overview:

2010 Mar 15, 0859 UT. Coronado PST CaK @ f/10, DMK41.

Transparency variable, mostly poor, at best moderate, with thin high cloud & drifting mid level cloud. Seeing mostly fairly good. Temp 10C, wind N force 4-5.

Title: Re: Solar Activity 15 Mar
Post by: Big Dipper on March 18, 2010, 04:18:18 am
Finally catching up on some threads here from the past few days. Congratulations on some more remarkable & detailed images. Here's hoping that an increase in solar activity equates with a decrease in cloud activity over your location! (