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Title: Bizarre weather....
Post by: brianb on November 28, 2008, 11:43:36 am
... after showers yesterday evening the sky cleared around midnight with just occasional high cloud which appeared to be decayed anvil remnants. Really good clear sky at dawn, temperature -1C. Had an hour's nap after breakfast, when I woke up there was no sign of the promised sunshine, just freezing fog ... the fog has persisted ever since (though it's no longer freezing) despite a southerly breeze of around 15mph! I guess this wind must be at least partly a land breeze (air rising over the relatively warm sea drawing in air from the land) but why doesn't the fog at least lift into stratus?

So long as it clears up for the evening observing session I don't much care, but.... does anyone know what's going on?

Title: Re: Bizarre weather....
Post by: martinastro on November 28, 2008, 04:35:14 pm
I don't know what was going on there Brian. The fog was predicted but the southerly breeze was not. The breeze was W to NW here all night so maybe something homegrown from your area. Maybe the coastal breeze affected things. I don't really know to be honest.

I was out before dawn this morning and it was a stunning clear sky with a harsh (almost severe) frost. Our car had a soild thick white covering which looked more like snow than frost. I even seen a brilliant flash of lightning on the northern horizon late last night. Amazingly the sferics charts didn't pick it up, but it was a lovely sight. It was a beautiful sunny clear morning but now it's complete cloud cover and showers. Planet spotting prospects are not good. Radar shows many wintry showers to the W trying to creep further inland. Could be a severe frost tonight with thick fog in places. The weather doesn't seem to know what it's doing here at the min. Typical N. Ireland weather  :)