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Title: Starling at Feeder
Post by: JohnC on October 30, 2008, 10:08:58 pm
Here are some of my bird photos that I've taken Feb >August. I'm not a birder but I do like to take photos of wildlife. I bought the equipment I have last October so my photography really started from then when  I went out looking for wildlife. I'll post some of my US storm, June, photos in the other forum.

 John..Ref. the speed for these birds that hover at the feeder..The first couple of photos of the starlings were taken  to freeze the motion although as mentioned a blur can give the feeling of 'action'. They were taken at 1/640 sec. @  f5.6.  400mm. ( my lens is f5.6 at 400mm)  and ISO 1600.  I see you have your settings on the photo in the border. I just tried to do that in CS2 but the text won't write in the border. How can I do this ?  I think they were taken on 'spot metering' and in the next day or two I'll try photographing a bird  on partial or evaluative to see if by selecting   a wider focus  area - spot is 3%- partial 9%  I might gather more light but is that going to detract from sharp focusing. ? I'll see what transpires. I'm on a fast learning curve as I've been doing this seriously for only 12 months, well I haven't photographed birds  atall,  prior to February. The Adobe software- is new to me too. That's Lightroom 2 and CS2. I see they've brought out CS4.

The Red Kites were photographed at Gingrin Farm feeding station, Mid-Wales. They are wild and come in batches, pecking order, I suppose, to the feeding station. This is the best option as driving in the area and looking up at the sky  is a recipe for disaster Lol. There were proper birders there too  (they don't like you talking, either.. Lol) so I suppose it's ok - counts as wild. The first one, and my favourite, was taken at 1/2000 sec. f9 ISO 500. and 400mm. hand held.  I've  bought  a Ball Head tripod since, maybe that will be easier. The others were taken at similar speeds- 1/1600-2000 .sec. I have some  photos of smaller birds which I'll post separately.

I was going to post  via TinyPic here but I see by clicking on 'Additional Options' there is an uploading facility.  I'll try this but this starling is 120KB and 192 is the limit I see.

Title: Re: Starling at Feeder
Post by: JohnC on October 30, 2008, 10:13:01 pm
Photo hasn't uploaded. I'll go  to TinyPic .


Title: Re: Starling at Feeder
Post by: JohnC on October 30, 2008, 10:21:32 pm
Had to reduce res.