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Title: Chase Report 4/4/09
Post by: Tyler on April 05, 2009, 11:21:12 pm
Chase a cold core setup in SC Nebraska. Got on a mini supercell quickly south of York, Nebraska (4 miles east of Sutton). We were greeted with a nice rotating updraft base...


Developed a nice RFD too...this is about 10 minutes later I think...


We then spotted a funnel across the base on the other side of the RFD in the sunlit low contrast area. This storm apparently produced a tornado while we were there, but due to lack of moisture, the condensation funnel would be hard to develop.


Not sure If Ill call this a tornado, since I haven't seen anyone elses images to compare, although it was "reported" by two different spotters. It sucks not being able to confirm my first tornado lol...

anyway full report now up here...

Title: Re: Chase Report 4/4/09
Post by: martinastro on April 06, 2009, 01:29:14 am
Another successful chase Tyler!, Great images yet again, I read your report on the website and enjoyed the images. That's a great animation. Love the image with the Supercell and cars  :). Good luck with the thundersnow.

Title: Re: Chase Report 4/4/09
Post by: JohnC on April 06, 2009, 06:29:11 pm
Great shots. The season has started well ,I see.

Title: Re: Chase Report 4/4/09
Post by: Tyler on April 06, 2009, 09:27:10 pm
Thanks Guys  :) I enjoyed this one. Still awaiting my first tornado of 2009 though! A chase in Northern Kansas is possible this Saturday/Sunday/Monday timeframe, will have to see. I am a little concerned about how many setups have occured in the high plains so early this year, probably nothing to worry about, but we have gotten 3 opportunities by early April, and the southern plains have only had maybe 6 setups. Doesn't usually happen, I just hope it doesn't affect the pattern the rest of this spring/summer.

But yeah listened to a good talk at the CPSWS in Lincoln, Nebraska by Mike Umsheid. He has some amazing photography you should check out at

I am in such a chase mode lately I haven't got anything done! I need to settle down, and just relax, still have an month or more till the good stuff. Btw, we only got 1" of snow that night, but Check Mike H's site, cause he was chasing the Blizzard up north.